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Geotab GO9 GPS Trackers


GO9 modular device for ODD, EV and J-bus protocols using modular harness system.



Geotab_Solar GPS Trackers

GO Solar

Track unpowered assets with the solar recharging or wire for device recharging.


Geotab GO9 Rugged GPS Trackers

GO Rugged

When dirt, water and vibration are a concern, the IP-68 rated asset tracker does the job.



Geotab Satellite GPS Trackers

Satellite Tracker

Add this satellite modem to the GO device to get essential data when out of cellular coverage.

Geotab + Dashcam Video

Integrated AI dashcam video detects distracted driving and seamlessly integrates with Geotab rules. The 1080p and 100 hours of recording time, makes the dashcam a valuable option for the Geotab fleet management ecosystem.

A standalone fleet dashcam is also available for $249 per dashcam and only $19.95 per month with a service agreement. CrewChief provides 1080p, SOS, live view and other features for the lowest investment of any fleet dashcam. Dashcams protect companies from false claims and help avoid accidents by curbing unwanted driver behavior before an accident occurs. 

  • 4G LTE  AT&T, T-Mo, VZN or Sprint
  • OBD, J-Bus, EV, Assets, Equipment
  • Driver ID, Speaker
  • Universal Harness Adapters
  • Monitor Electric Vehicles
  • 200+ Partner Integrations
  • Route Optimization
  • Driver Scoring
  • Electronic Forms
  • Video In-Cab (dashcams)
  • APIs for integration

GO9 Install

The GO9 is not like any other GPS or even older GO devices; it is a smart GPS device.

Active Tracking

Ideal for bus routes, sensitive delivery times and security. Included with ProPlus.

GO Flex Asset Tracker

Proper placement can improve long-term tracking results and better looking GPS tracks.

9-PIN Harness Installation

The 9-PIN harness is used with larger trucks. A 6-PIN variant is also available.

Service Title

Explaining the universal 9-PIN harness. OBD to J-BUS

GO Rugged Installation

Proper installation in a wet and dirty environment will reduce potential issues.

Geotab GO9 Technical Specifications

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