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GPS Tracking & Telematics


GO9 modular device for ODD, EV and J-bus protocols using modular harness system.




GO Solar

Track unpowered assets with the solar recharging or wire for device recharging.



GO Rugged

When dirt, water and vibration are a concern, the IP-68 rated asset tracker does the job.




Satellite Tracker

Add this satellite modem to the GO device to get essential data when out of cellular coverage.

Geotab + Dashcam Video

Integrated AI dashcam video detects distracted driving and seamlessly integrates with Geotab rules. The 1080p and 100 hours of recording time, makes the dashcam a valuable option for the Geotab fleet management ecosystem.

  • 4G LTEĀ  AT&T, T-Mo, VZN or Sprint
  • OBD, J-Bus, EV, Assets, Equipment
  • Driver ID, Speaker
  • Universal Harness Adapters
  • Monitor Electric Vehicles
Dashcam Distraction - phone

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  • 200+ Partner Integrations
  • Route Optimization
  • Driver Scoring
  • Electronic Forms
  • Video In-Cab (dashcams)
  • APIs for integration

GO9 Install

The GO9 is not like any other GPS or even older GO devices; it is a smart GPS device.

Active Tracking

Ideal for bus routes, sensitive delivery times and security. Included with ProPlus.

GO Flex Asset Tracker

Proper placement can improve long-term tracking results and better looking GPS tracks.

9-PIN Harness Installation

The 9-PIN harness is used with larger trucks. A 6-PIN variant is also available.

Service Title

Explaining the universal 9-PIN harness. OBD to J-BUS

GO Rugged Installation

Proper installation in a wet and dirty environment will reduce potential issues.

Geotab GO9 Technical Specifications

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