Choosing a Geotab Reseller

There are many reasons and variables that go into selecting a Geotab reseller just like any business partner. At the heart of the relationship there must be people who really understand GPS tracking.  Tracking data is the foundational data, the building blocks upon which everyhting else is built. Without GPS tracking data there would be no Geotab fleet management system.

When choosing a Geotab reseller look for a high level of expertise with GPS tracking.  Without that, you can’t expect a higher level of understanding and engagement to drive your return on investment. Fleetistics has been in the GPS tracking business since 2001 and is Geotab’s oldest reseller globally. In fact, the first meeting between Fleetistics and Geotab took place before Geotab even had an office. Today Geotab has 100,000 of square feet to run a global operation.


GPS Tracking Is Just The Beginning

If GPS tracking is the foundation, then there must be more building blocks. A Geotab reseller has to be able to put GPS Tracking data together with other data and equipment.  This is the way to build a fleet management solution that drives more value for the customer. For that reason this core skill set is especially important to large fleet managers.  In large fleets there are almost always multiple fleet management applications operating at any given time.  Fleet maintenance, work order management, routing and fleet safety programs should be seamlessly integrated. Being able to “multipurpose” data will significantly improve the fleet operators return on investment.


Experience Counts

Fleetistics has a highly experienced team, from a variety of technical and indutrial backgounds.  Our team are expert not just with GPS tracking and telematics, but specifically the Geotab platform. A frequent complaint we hear about our industry is the lack of knowledge salespeople have. This is due to high turnover in companies where a cellular carrier is trying to be a telematics company. Certainly call center employees with a high turnover rate cannot gain the knowledge and experience needed to engage with fleet operators at a higher level.

The good news is Fleetistics does not employ salespeople. Fleetistics is a consulting company.  As Geotab Resellers and consultants, we focus on customer needs and build a solution. That solution may simply be the Geotab GPS tracker or it may entail a year long journey to integrate multiple fleet management systems.  A call center employee is simply not going to be as effective as someone with 10+ years working with Geotab.


Data Management

The future is data management. Ingesting, moving and manipulating data spells success as more OEMs include GPS tracking in fleet vehicles, and the cost of GPS tracking gets lower. Geotab is at the forefront of this data revolution and investing heavily in data services. Fleetistics is right there with Geotab building data management services to supplement the global data effort of Geotab. We can help fleet operators understand what data is available, custom develop view and outputs as well as bring in data from other sources and match that data with GPS tracking and telematics data.