Same Great Geotab Solutions

Geotab has seamlessly integrated with Ford OEM Telematics to bring data from built in GPS trackers and telematics into the Geotab platform. The Geotab devices of today will work side-by-side with Ford OEM telematics data. Devices made by Geotab still offer the advantage of almost 20 years of Geotab engineering development on fleet telematic solutions. If needed, you can still use the Geotab device to provide IOX add-ons such as driver ID, ELD and the coaching speaker which are not part of the Ford data set.

Ford OEM Telematics Connects to Geotab Easy as 1-2-3!

Enabling the Ford data to connect to your Geotab account could not be easier. Activate the service at the Ford dealership and you will receive a code for each vehicle. Provide that code to Fleetistics and Fleetistics will connect your account to Ford. With the Geotab platform you can utilize many different vehicle manufacturers and know it is all available in the Geotab platform.


Saving Money

Do not worry, your monthly service fees will not change. In fact, in situations where you do not need a Geotab GPS tracking and telematics device, you will not need to purchase equipment or pay to have it installed! Just enable the service with the Ford dealer as described above.

Why Geotab?

  • ProPlus – Towing, Active Tracking, Lifetime warranty
  • IOX expansion
  • Integrations with 150+ partners
  • Patented curved based logic for HD tracking
  • Multiple GPS tracking devices
  • GSA security approved
  • Option for Base, Pro, Pro Plus
  • Dashcam video