Geotab Accessories

Wide variety of accessories to customize the data collected.

The modular aspect of the Geotab platform is also found in the accessories and add on applications available. Fleet managers can customize individual vehicles using Geotab accessories as well as accessories provided by partner manufacturers.

Geotab Accessories - Driver ID

Driver ID

Track who is driving at all times using NFC tags or badges. 

Geotab Accessories - Driver Coaching Speaker

Coaching Speaker

Play a specific message based on the exception.

Geotab Accessories -Satellite Communication Modem

Satellite Tracking

Add a satellite modem to the cellular modem to track in remote areas.

Geotab J-Bus GPS Installation Harness

J-Bus for Trucks

A universal adapter harness connects the OBD device to J-bus ports.

Geotab OBD Universal Harness

OBD Harness

Keep the OBD port free for the mechanic and covertly installed with a T-harness.

Geotab 3-wire GPS installation harness

3-Wire Install

Use the same OBD device for a 3-wire installation scenario.

Geotab Anti-Tampering Bracket

Mounting Bracket

Mounting bracket deters tampering and results in better accelerometer data.

Geotab_Aux-PTO Cable

PTO Monitoring

Track on/off activity of circuits for productivity and safety.

Geotab GPS Installation

Easy Install

The Geotab device installation is as easy as plugging into a harness or port.

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