Fleet Weather Improves Efficiency and Safety

We spend hours watching and discussing the weather. We plan our day and our vacation around the weather. We often feel happy or sad based on the weather forecast. Weather impacts our day in many ways yet so few fleet operators have access to good weather data that used in conjunction with telematics data.

Fleets efficiency and safety is closely tied to weather. Understanding how weather slows work, reduces speed and impacts safety will impact a fleet in many ways from on-time delivery to profitability. Modifying operations to avoid foul weather is relatively easy to do visually when vehicles and weather are viewed together. When future weather can be viewed dispatchers can route around storms and shift delivery times to remain efficient.


Fleet Safety

Fleet safety has to be the #1 priority of all fleet operators. Fleet weather is a key component of safety for many types of field service workers and trucking companies. Technology today can accurately predict weather conditions from black ice to pouring rain several hours in advance. Diverting a truck around a stretch of highway known to be dangerous in black ice conditions means decreased chances of accidents and delays. With ELD hours of service, taking a break to sit out bad weather and traffic jams can free of time on the other end of the trip.


Fleetistics Fleet Weather

Fleetistics recognizes the importance of weather in relation to fleet operations. Fleetistics offers two levels of weather service with the Geotab platform, current and forecast weather. As you can imagine current weather shows radar in relation to all vehicle or asset locations. This is the most common way using weather. MyFleetView Pro Weather provides a look info the future far enough to make changes to schedules which results in safety and expense improvements. Choose from a wide variety of weather layers to get the right info to assist your operation.



Fleet Weather Service