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Geotab GPS Tracker Report

Trips History

After the initial setup of exceptions, groups, alerts and scheduled reports, users will spend 90% of their time on this view. View every stop, route and exception.

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Geotab Fleet Mapping

Tracking Map

The Geotab map offers 90% of what most managers need daily. 

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Geotab Tracking Dashboard


Create custom dashboards based on user preferences and role

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Geotab Speed Graph

Speed Analysis

Creative visualization of planned vs actual speed improves safety and saves money on fuel.

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Geotab Groups


Grouping is extremely important to large fleets. Groups enable efficient changes.

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Geotab Driving Safety Exceptions

Driving Rules

Use system rules or create custom rules to focus data on what matters most.

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Geotab Custmom Fleet Exceptions


Exceptions are broken rules. Exceptions can result in reports, map visuals or alerts.

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Geotab Risk Management

Risk Management

Use system reports or customize in Microsoft Excel and upload back into account.

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Geotab Vehicle Maintenance


Schedule vehicle maintenance reminders for oil changes, insurance renewals or anything.

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Geotab Exceptions Analysis

Summary Data

Focusing the data on the most important exceptions enables efficient system management.

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