December 16, 2019

Time is running out to make the switch from AOBRD to ELD. December may seem like a long time from now but scrambling for an ELD solution will cause driver and administrator stress and lost productivity. An organized plan today will ensure a smooth transition. Geotab is a global leader in GPS vehicle tracking and electronic driver logs (ELD). Contact us to learn more about how to transition to the Geotab ELD solution.


AOBRD to ELD Roadmap

  • Create and share a plan with stakeholder buy-in
  • Select an ELD platform like Geotab
    • Conduct a pilot
  • Update company policies and distribute to employees
  • Conduct training
    • Driver
    • Back office
  • Implement ELD and run concurrently for familiarization for 1 month
  • Cancel the AOBRD service and keep on trucking
  • View additional details


The Geotab ELD solution offers best in class integration of the robust GPS tracking solution with an advanced and compliant ELD solution. Geotab is committed to maintaining compliance through continues updates and development as FMCSA rule sets change. You can rest easy knowing Geotab will ensure the Geotab ELD solution always remains compliant.

For more information and FMCSA regulation click here.