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Fleetistics is Geotab’s oldest reseller, since 2001. Geotab does not sell direct so they work with Geotab resellers such as Fleetistics to bring expertise and services to fleet operators.

Fleetistics works with owner operators to fleets in excess of 5,000 vehicles with 350+ locations. Understanding issues before the customer is the results of nearly 20 years of fleet management consulting experience. Almost all industries are represented as Fleetistics customers.

Geotab is a global leader of GPS tracking and telematics. Geotab is focused on data collection in order to drive better business decisions. If you are looking for a team of experts to help your company meet fleet management goals, contact Fleetistics, powered by Geotab. 844.568.1300

What We Do


Take fleet operators on the journey of exploring Geotab.


Fleetistics handles routine support for the Geotab application and GPS devices.


Regular weekly training webinars ensure customers get the most from the Geotab platform.

About Fleetistics

Fleetistics started in 2001 as GPS Fleet Solutions after the founder and primary owner Eron Iler left the service industry where he was a GPS tracking customer with Orkin Pest Control. In the late 1990’s Eron identified, tested and studied the potential impact good fleet data could have on Orkin Pest Control operations. With an estimated annual savings of $27 million dollars, it was apparent GPS tracking technology was going to be important to efficient and profitable fleet operations.

In the mid 2000’s the importance of statics and reporting beyond the basics of GPS tracking became apparent. To better align with this shift in the market focus, GPS Fleet Solutions because Fleetistics (Fleet Statistics). Since that time Fleetistics has been developing products and services that improve various gaps in technology and services important to fleet operations. Integration and data management continues to be the focus of development.

  • 4G LTE  AT&T, T-Mo, VZN or Sprint
  • OBD, J-Bus, EV, Assets, Equipment
  • Driver ID, Speaker
  • Universal Harness Adapters
  • Monitor Electric Vehicles
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  • 200+ Partner Integrations
  • Route Optimization
  • Driver Scoring
  • Electronic Forms
  • Video In-Cab (dashcams)
  • APIs for integration

Only the Best


Most Advanced GPS Equipment

The Geotab GO9 is the most advanced 4G LTE GPS tracking and telematics device on the market. It actually has a Linux operating system!


Data Management

At the end of the day it is about the data and no fleet management platform offers such “rich” data.


Thought Leaders

The internet is full of articles and social media about Geotab winning awards for their leadership and innovation around the globe.

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Years in the GPS Tracking Industry


Fleetistics was our first choice when we decided to start using GPS trackers. It has been their excellent service and guidance that has kept us with them over the previous 7+ years. As we expanded and found the need to implement more complete fleet management and different forms of GPS tracking, they always had a great solution or integration. We get lots of solicitations from the competition, but none even come close. Don’t bother shopping, just choose Fleetistics.

N. Scott

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