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Affordable & Flexible

Telematics & Engine Codes

Expandable & Modular

Productivity. Safety. Accountability. Compliance. Expandability. 3,000,000 devices globally!


Return on investment in a little as 90-days! Electric vehicle ready!

Productivity. Safety. Accountability. Compliance. Expandability.

3,000,000 devices globally!


ROI in a little as 90-days!

Electric vehicle ready!

Solution for Fleet Management


Geotab offers a foundation which makes your investment virtually “future-proof.” This means you can start at the most basic level and build a custom fleet management platform over time to meet changing needs. Geotab can be customized at the vehicle level for PTOs, data collection, driver coaching, ELD and more.

Geotab offers free APIs which can be used to integrate with other systems. Fleetistics uses APIs to provide additional features such as map sharing, a weather radar map, fuel data, and dashboards. 

With over 250 3rd party integrations, including OEMs, the Geotab platform will be sure to meet your fleet management needs well into the future.

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Affordable ELD, DVIR & IFTA

Monitor Route Efficiency & Customer Stop Time

Transfer & Get Free OBD GPS Trackers! 

Transfer from any competitor and receive a free Geotab vehicle tracking unit! Limited time offer & restrictions apply.

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  • 4G LTE  AT&T, T-Mo, VZN or Sprint
  • OBD, J-Bus, EV, Assets, Equipment
  • Driver ID, Speaker
  • Universal Harness Adapters
  • Monitor Electric Vehicles
  • 200+ Partner Integrations
  • Route Optimization
  • Driver Scoring
  • Electronic Forms
  • Video In-Cab (dashcams)
  • APIs for integration

Solution Evaluation – Try before you buy

Enterprise-class fleet managers need to understand an investment before making a purchase. Our goal is to remove the mystery, demonstrated the capabilities and identify the return on investment. We work hand-in-hand with multiple influencers during this process to ensure there is no doubt that Geotab is the right investment.

  • Lead by business analyst
  • 60 day process
  • Identify needs and wants
  • Consult on implementation process
  • Quantify benefits and identify ROI
  • Work with local managers
  • Consult on employee introduction
  • Identify unknown issues and opportunities
  • Test multiple vehicle types
  • Identify short and long-term opportunities
  • Final evaluation meeting
  • Clearly identify value of investment
  • Complete order
  • Deployment timeline
  • Deployment roadmap

#1 ELD for Drivers

ELD, DVIR, Rule Sets, Crew Driving, Trailers and Loads
Geotab Fleet Dashcam Distraction - phone full view

Building Blocks of Fleet Management

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The most advanced data collection device available means advanced analytics.

Easy to View Interface

Limit what people view based on their role for security and simplicity.

Service Integrations

When data is accessible the possibilities become endless. Integrate using free APIs.

Add a WEX Fuel Card & Stop Fuel Slippage

Credit cards just give you a total. The WEX fuel card integrated by Fleetistics gives you details on every purchase, fuel type, quantity, store items, date, time and driver ID. 

OBD, J-BUS, OEM & EV – 1 Platform


Geotab vehicle trackin

#1 in Fleet Management

4G LTE Technology

  • OBD
  • 6 & 9 PIN
  • EV
  • Specialty equipment

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