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Transfer and Save!

Transfer your service from any competitors platform and get a GO9 GPS tracking and telematics device for only $35.

The GO9 is the worlds most advanced telematics device and is used on over 3,000,000 vehicles and assets daily.

Start with the Base plan for 6 months, then upgrade to Pro or ProPlus if needed. ELD, DVIR and other functionality is included with Pro or higher plan.

Call for details. Offer is for a limited time and conditions apply so call now at 844.568.1300

Fleet Dashcams?

Geotab Highlights

Vehicles, Assets & Equipment

Telematics & Engine Codes

Expandable & Modular

Most Experienced Geotab Reseller In The World

Fleetistics first met Geotab before the first office opened in Toronto in 2000. We’ve been selling and servicing customer utilizing the Geotab platform ever since. Our team typically has over 10 years of experience with the Geotab platform. 


Get Free GPS Trackers! 

Transfer from any competitor and receive a free Geotab vehicle tracking unit! Limits apply so call for details. Device activation required in 2021. Call to learn more.

Productivity. Safety. Accountability. Compliance. Expandability.

Large fleets tend to have more sophisticated requirements. Implementing a platform from which an ecosystem can be built ensures the system is not outgrown in three to five years. Geotab is “futureproof” due to the modular nature of the GO GPS device and the Geotab platform with open APIs to export the data.

  • 4G LTE  AT&T, T-Mo, VZN or Sprint
  • OBD, J-Bus, EV, Assets, Equipment
  • Driver ID, Speaker
  • Universal Harness Adapters
  • Monitor Electric Vehicles

Add Fleet Dashcams

CrewChief Dashcam

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  • 200+ Partner Integrations
  • Route Optimization
  • Driver Scoring
  • Electronic Forms
  • Video In-Cab (dashcams)
  • APIs for integration
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Building Blocks of Fleet Management

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The most advanced data collection device available means advanced analytics.

Easy to View Interface

Limit what people view based on their role for security and simplicity.

Service Integrations

When data is accessible the possibilities become endless. Integrate using free APIs.

3,000,000+ Geotab GPS Trackers Globally

Geotab is the global leader in GPS tracking and telematics. Geotab engineers, manufactures and supports the Geotab solution while relying on global resellers and partners to interact and support customers.

OBD, J-BUS, OEM & EV – 1 Platform


Geotab vehicle trackin


#1 in Fleet Management

4G LTE Technology

Solution Evaluation – Try before you buy

Enterprise-class fleet managers need to understand an investment before making a purchase. Our goal is to remove the mystery, demonstrated the capabilities and identify the return on investment. We work hand-in-hand with multiple influencers during this process to ensure there is no doubt that Geotab is the right investment.

  • Lead by business analyst
  • 60 day process
  • Identify needs and wants
  • Consult on implementation process
  • Quantify benefits and identify ROI
  • Work with local managers
  • Consult on employee introduction
  • Identify unknown issues and opportunities
  • Test multiple vehicle types
  • Identify short and long-term opportunities
  • Final evaluation meeting
  • Clearly identify value of investment
  • Complete order
  • Deployment timeline
  • Deployment roadmap

Pillars of Geotab Fleet Management

Large fleets with mixed and often complicated needs must have a platform and ecosystem that meets current requirements and is positioned to solve problems well into the future. The base architecture of the Geotab fleet management system ensures you never go the way of the dinosaur.


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